The Most Cost Effective Way to Send USPS Mail

#10 Envelope
Certified, Return Receipt Electronic $ 6.75
First Class 0.77
Certified, Return Receipt (Green Card) 8.47
Certified 5.39
Priority (Flat env.) 7.45
Priority with Signature (Flat env.) 9.90

We do the printing, stuffing, mailing and tracking.

- Mails the same business day (until noon EST); all others mail the next business day (until 7:55PM EST).

Additional charges:
Flat Envelope (max capacity 47 sheets) is $1.00; otherwise a #10 envelope (max capacity 5 sheets) is used.
$0.10 per page ($0.07 for the back of a double sided page)
Self Address Stamped Envelope is $0.99. Postage based on weight ($0.24 per ounce = roughly 5 pages)
Surcharge ($0.50 to $1.00) for overriding USPS' standardized CASS address.

All prices are in US Dollars.

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